Keep yourself safe and comfortable while working on the job by getting yourself or your company some of these hi-vis hoodies from SafetyShirtz.

Hi-Vis Hoodies

For the most comfortable workday possible, you need to be able to enjoy the clothes you’re wearing. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do that when our job requires you to wear highly visible workwear for safety reasons. SafetyShirtz is here to bring you both comfortable and safety-compliant hi-vis hoodies to wear while you’re on the job. These hi-vis sweatshirts aren’t what you’re used to wearing. Far more comfortable and with a lot more personality, our high-visibility hoodies make it easy to enjoy what you wear to work while still meeting those crucial safety standards that protect you and your fellow workers. Here on this page, you’ll find plenty of safety hoodie and sweatshirt styles to choose from.