Working Conditions To Consider Wearing Reflective Clothing

Working Conditions To Consider Wearing Reflective Clothing

30th Sep 2022

High-visibility clothing keeps workers safe in a variety of places, including on docks, at construction sites, and on streets. Retroreflective hi-vis clothes make you visible to others and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Explore the working conditions to consider wearing reflective clothing.

Heavy Moving Equipment

If you work near heavy moving equipment, hi-vis clothes make you more visible to equipment operators. On construction sites, people operating machinery such as bulldozers and backhoe loaders can see you more easily, which will allow them to maneuver safely. Reflective clothes make it possible for you to work near heavy moving equipment.

Traffic Hazards

Another working condition in which you should wear reflective clothing is exposure to traffic hazards. This includes tasks where you interact with drivers directly, such as helping people cross streets or directing traffic.

Exposure to traffic hazards also includes working adjacent to traffic, such as working on a street or highway. High-visibility clothing will provide more time for drivers to react to your presence and adjust their driving speed or course.

Adverse Driving Conditions

Adverse driving conditions, such as poor lighting or wet weather, can make hi-vis clothing critical for worker safety. When car lights reach your hi-vis workwear, the retroreflective strips reflect the light back to the driver and sharpen their awareness. And when streets are slick, drivers need to start adjusting their speeds earlier than usual. Just as fluorescent colors help drivers see you better during the day, retroreflective material gives drivers more time to react during low light conditions when they use their headlights to navigate.

Distractions at the Work Site

Drivers and even fellow workers operating heavy equipment can get distracted at the worksite. Cell phones, food, conversations, and adjusting radio or climate controls can distract people from their surroundings. Reflective clothing can refocus attention on you and help everyone avoid tragic consequences.

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