Who Wears Hi-Vis Clothing? The 4 Most Common Industries

Who Wears Hi-Vis Clothing? The 4 Most Common Industries

8th Jun 2022

If you are someone who regularly wears hi-vis clothing, you likely work in an industry that is vital to our society. When we consider who wears hi-vis clothing, we start to see why it’s so important that this type of clothing keeps them safe. The industries that require them are so crucial to everyday life that we can sometimes take them for granted. Here are the four most common industries that require hi-vis clothing to protect their workers.


Where would we be today without the hard work of construction workers across the country? Construction workers keep us safe in houses, provide places for us to work, and generally make it so we can live our lives safely. To that end, we need to make sure that construction workers are as safe as possible on worksites, which have numerous hazards that could be an issue for someone who doesn’t stand out against the surroundings.

Emergency Response

Perhaps one of the most important industries where they wear hi-vis clothing is the emergency response sector. Hi-vis clothing serves two purposes here. The first is so that people who need these emergency responders’ help can easily find them in chaotic or dangerous situations. The second purpose is to keep these essential workers safe in their work environments. A firefighter without hi-vis clothing, for example, could be hard to identify in a crowd and be at risk themselves.


In all branches of the transportation industry, hi-vis clothing is crucial for keeping workers safe. Whether they’re working close to speeding cars, loading barges with shipping containers, or waving down airplanes, these workers need to know they’re safe. Without these transportation workers, society might as well shut down, so it’s essential they wear functional hi-vis clothing.

Heavy Machinery

Anyone working around heavy machinery, whether they operate it or not, needs to be immediately visible, even at a glance. Heavy construction machinery can make it difficult to see things not directly in your field of vision, and workers need to identify where their coworkers are before moving a hulking piece of dangerous machinery anywhere else.

If you work in one of these industries or know somebody who does, we want to express our appreciation for the hard work. Hi-vis clothing can get boring at times, and we aim to fix that problem with fashionable hi-vis hoodies, shirts, and other clothing that you’ll feel safe and comfortable wearing.