The 3 Classes of High-Visibility Clothing

The 3 Classes of High-Visibility Clothing

3rd Jun 2022

When you or your team find yourselves in conditions where more visibility is necessary, it’s important to consider what class of visibility you need to comply with. The higher the class of the clothing, the more visible you’ll be, even in high traffic areas or places with low natural visibility. How do these classes of visibility clothing differ from one another, and when do you need to wear one over the others? We’ll walk you through the three classes of high-visibility clothing so that you can understand the differences.

Class 1: Low-Impact Conditions

The least intense of the three classes of high-visibility clothing is class 1. Class 1 safety clothing is meant for workers in areas that don’t see a lot of general traffic or hazards. Class 1 high-visibility clothing is the most flexible with its design. It allows you to only need small accents of visibly reflective materials, whether it’s on a vest, shirt, or pants. You might see class 1 hi-vis clothing on certain delivery drivers or parking attendants; it’s generally used by people who are in safe conditions for the majority of their time on the job.

Class 2: Medium Traffic/Low Visibility Conditions

Class 2 hi-vis clothing is for areas that see regular amounts of traffic from vehicles. If workers are around vehicles that are moving faster than 25 miles per hour, it’s likely that they will need at least class 2 hi-vis clothing. This class usually takes the form of something similar to a sleeveless safety vest. Bright colors such as yellow and orange are required, and reflective material should be on the front and back of the clothing. You might often see high-traffic toll booth operators or airport workers in class 2 safety gear.

Class 3: High Traffic Conditions

The most dangerous conditions for workers require class 3 hi-vis clothing to ensure that every part of them is fully visible. A signifier of class 3 hi-vis clothing is that there needs to be enough reflective material in it to allow for a full silhouette outline of the wearer’s shape. Workers need class 3 hi-vis gear when working near traffic moving faster than 50 miles per hour or if the work puts them directly next to moving traffic. Railroad workers and emergency responders are commonly seen in class 3 hi-vis clothing, as it gives them the most protection possible.

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