High Visibility Hoodies or Jackets: Which Should You Choose?

High Visibility Hoodies or Jackets: Which Should You Choose?

20th Sep 2022

Are you looking for visibility-boosting PPE for your industrial job or outdoor hobbies? Do you need garments that protect you from the elements? If so, you’re posed with two choices – high visibility hoodies or jackets. But which should you choose? Read on to learn about the best applications and situations for these types of clothing.

Warmth and Comfort

Jackets are useful for keeping an individual warm while out in colder weather, but hoodies are exponentially superior at insulating body heat. Often made with cotton/polyester blends, hoodies are also very comfortable against the skin. If you’re in the market for hunting hi-vis gear, you’re less likely to be uncomfortable in the elements while wearing a hoodie. So, if your job or activity requires you to work out in the cold, opt for a hooded sweatshirt.

Moisture Prevention

One advantage of high visibility jackets over hoodies is their ability to repel moisture. Cold weather is dangerous enough, but snow and rainfall can also make you ill, so it’s essential to use the best protection. Unlike most hoodies, hi-vis work and hunting jackets are typically made with a synthetic material specifically designed for these weather conditions. We recommend using a high visibility jacket if you work outdoors throughout the winter or during a rain storm.


While hoodies provide excellent insulation and are comfortable, they’re often seen as less professional-looking than jackets. Jackets are more suitable as a uniform and look great when every employee wears them while working. The collar and traditional fit of a jacket make it more official and put together. If your business strives to present as uber-professional, high-visibility jackets are the better option for you. A hoodie is perfectly suitable for your endeavors if you are simply a hunter or outdoors person.

When choosing between high visibility hoodies and jackets, the decision ultimately relies on your specific needs. If you only require something casual that can adequately keep you warm, opt for reflective safety hoodies. If you need protection from rain or snow and want to give your business a professional, uniform look, we recommend a jacket. Either way, we at SafetyShirtz have the right reflective gear for you. Browse our selection today.