Common Applications for High-Visibility Clothing

Common Applications for High-Visibility Clothing

17th Feb 2023

High-visibility clothing enhances safety and can give the wearer peace of mind in a variety of situations. Read on to learn about a few common applications for high-visibility clothing.

Occupational Personal Protective Equipment

Every day, workers in a range of industries wear high-visibility clothes as personal protective equipment (PPE). In the US, OSHA specifies the requirements for high-visibility clothes depending on the work environment and task.

Wearing retroreflective tape increases worker visibility in low-light conditions. Fluorescent colors improve visibility in sunlight. Overall, high-visibility clothes help protect workers from injury or death by reducing the likelihood of collisions with vehicles and heavy machinery.

Identification on Sight

While high-visibility clothes primarily improve safety, they also enhance the ability of a viewer to identify someone quickly on sight. Hi-vis clothes can act as a uniform that sets the wearer apart from everyone else in the vicinity. To improve identification, consider printing your company or organization’s logo on hi-vis apparel.

Emergency response teams dressed in hi-vis clothes stay visible in chaotic situations. Hi-vis vests help crossing guards stand out from their environment so the guards can effectively stop traffic. At busy construction sites, high-visibility clothing can help identify workers.

Safety During Outdoor Exercise

Another common application for high-visibility clothing is enhancing the safety of outdoor exercise. Workers and volunteers aren’t the only people who spend time near roadways.

Whether you’re going for a jog or riding a bike, wear hi-vis clothes to get motorists’ attention. In many places around the US, drivers don’t prime their awareness for people exercising on or near roadways. Even cautious drivers can have a hard time focusing their sights on people who aren’t in cars or on motorcycles.

Whether you’re exercising during the day or at night, a driver may not notice you in time to give you adequate space. Wear high-visibility clothes to alert drivers to your presence and give them sufficient time to react.

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