5 Simple Tips for Placing Your Logo on Safety Gear

5 Simple Tips for Placing Your Logo on Safety Gear

22nd Dec 2022

Placing your company’s logo on enhanced-visibility and hi-vis workwear reinforces team solidarity. For custom apparel that looks great and maintains safety standards, use these five simple tips for placing your logo on safety gear.

1. Avoid Printing Over Retroreflective Material

According to the ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 standard, covered material cannot create a gap wider than 2 inches horizontally across the retroreflective material. Lettering and logos of non-compliant material cannot cover more than 22 square inches of the minimum amount of visible retroreflective material.

While placing logos on retroreflective material isn’t strictly prohibited, it’s a good idea to avoid doing this—you don’t want to sacrifice any visibility in low-light conditions.

2. Limit the Logo to a Maximum of 72 Square Inches

For ANSI 107 compliance, your logo and other imprinting, such as lettering, can’t cover more than 72 square inches on the garment. You can place your logo in more than one location on the garment, such as on the front and back, but the total coverage cannot exceed 72 square inches.

ANSI/ISEA also requires what is known as a balance of design. Hi-vis apparel must have at least 40 percent of the minimum required amount of background material and reflective material on the back of the garment.

3. Decide on Front and Back Designs

The next simple tip for placing your logo on safety gear is to consider the front and back designs. Printing on the front and back of the garment increases logo visibility. You can use the same imprint design on both sides, or differentiate designs.

At SafetyShirtz, you can differentiate the front and back designs when you start with 126 ordered pieces. Popular logo placement locations include the chest, upper back, and lower back.

4. Choose Between Black or Colored Ink

Another aspect to consider is the colors of the print. The easiest option is to print in black. With a background of fluorescent material, a logo printed in black will really stand out.

You can also print in different colors, but keep in mind the background color to create the best combination. Whether you print in black or a variety of colors, a quality print will create a crisp outline.

5. Create a Balanced Look

Aside from ANSI’s concept of balance of design, you want the garment to look balanced, too. Ordering from an experienced printer is the best way to ensure your custom gear has a balanced look.

One way the imprinting company will create a balanced look is by verifying the design is visually centered. If your logo or image is symmetrical, the printer will center the design based on its midpoint. But if your design is asymmetrical, the design will be centered based on the apparent center for a look that makes intuitive sense.

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