5 Holiday Gifts for Your Construction Workers

5 Holiday Gifts for Your Construction Workers

2nd Nov 2022

Whether you supervise, work with, or simply know and care about someone a construction worker, give them a present that shows your appreciation. Gifts for construction workers can be fun and practical. Check out these five holiday gifts for your construction workers.

1. Custom Hi-Vis Clothing

Give your team members a sharp look with custom hi-vis apparel. Workwear that features your company’s logo can help build camaraderie.

Upgrade the appearance of hi-vis clothes with custom designs. Interesting visuals on the front and back of shirts and hoodies make hi-vis workwear more fun to wear. Increase compliance with safety measures on the worksite with custom high-visibility garments.

2. Hi-Vis and Enhanced-Vis T-Shirts

A gift-worthy high-visibility T-shirt or enhanced-visibility T-shirt promotes safety, looks stylish, and feels comfortable. Hi-vis apparel complies with ANSI standards for visibility, whereas enhanced-visibility apparel doesn’t have to meet such specific requirements.

SafetyShirtz clearly labels the standards our hi-vis workwear meets, so it’s easy to find the appropriate gift. Whether you need hi-vis or enhanced-visibility T-shirts, you aren’t limited to selecting garments in solid colors. Consider shirts that feature patriotic, topographic, or wildland images.

3. Hi-Vis and Enhanced-Vis Hoodies

Hoodies are awesome holiday gifts for construction workers. Soft, thick fabric protects the construction worker from the elements. And bright colors and graphics make this gift stand out.

Look for a high-quality hood that your gift recipient can use for a long time. Double lining on the hood adds durability and warmth. Ribbed cuffs and waistbands give the material flexibility so that it doesn’t lose its shape from stretching.

4. Hi-Vis Rain Jacket

A hi-vis rain jacket protects the wearer from the cold and precipitation, supporting them on tough worksites. Waterproof coating protects the garment and prevents soaking and leaks.

Storm flaps ensure water doesn’t slip into the jacket as it runs down the shoulders or near pockets. Polyester mesh lining creates a breathable layer of fabric that aids temperature regulation.

5. Headwear

Knit beanies and snapback hats fit securely on the head for temperature regulation and sun protection. Fleece-lined knit beanies have an inner layer of fleece for comfort and warmth. They fit smoothly under a hoodie for extra protection.

Consider gifting a snapback hat that has nylon mesh material for improved airflow. Or for a durable hat with flexible material, choose a snapback hat made from a cotton and spandex material blend.

Aside from the material and imagery on snapback hats, consider whether you want to give a hat with a flat bill or a curved bill. A flat bill creates a more urban look, whereas curved bills are a staple in classic snapback hat style.

SafetyShirtz carries an array of high-quality hi-vis gear that make perfect gifts for construction workers. Combining durability, comfort, safety, and style, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection. Choose a thoughtful gift today.