Hi-Vis Clothing for Transportation

Improve your safety as you move cargo with hi-vis clothing for transportation. SafetyShirtz carries high-quality safety apparel that enhances visibility and reflects your style.

Transportation workers face hazards from heavy moving equipment. Some workers in this industry, such as truck drivers, also have to contend with other drivers on roadways. Transportation safety apparel makes it easier for people to see you when they’re further away or when you’re standing in front of a complex background.  

Hi-vis safety gear makes you more visible in dark and low-light conditions. Retroreflective tape reflects a concentrated light beam to the light source, alerting drivers and equipment operators to your presence.   

The bright, fluorescent fabric helps you stand out in your environment during the day. Stay visible in busy loading and unloading zones or on highways. The sooner people notice you, the more time they will have to adjust their driving. 

We print various unique designs so that we can offer you transportation safety apparel you actually like wearing. Patriotic high-visibility shirts feature images such as the bald eagle, the Stars and Stripes, the defiant “Don’t Tread on Me” snake, and more. Topographic patterns represent the natural features of areas like the Cascade Mountains foothills. We even have stylized Sasquatch shirts for people who like their natural landscapes with a twist.   

We use quality ink to print eye-catching graphics on high-visibility shirts. Black reflective ink produces crisp, colorfast prints that won’t fade or wash out, and the black ink reflects any light that shines on it. Fluorescent inks are incredibly bright and hard-wearing, upholding their look through multiple wears.   

Feel confident in well-designed transportation safety apparel. We pre-shrink our 100 percent cotton shirts to minimize shrinkage from washing and drying. Our 6.1-ounce polyester shirts are durable and improve moisture management. Double-needle stitching preserves the appearance of your shirt and reinforces edges for improved durability.   

Enjoy stylish and durable transportation safety apparel from SafetyShirtz. Shop our selection of hi-vis clothing for transportation, including hoodies, t-shirts, and more.