High-Visibility Clothing for Roadwork

Road construction workers require hi-vis safety wear to protect them from dangerous hazards. Proximity to moving construction equipment and public traffic increases the risks of back-overs and runovers. High-visibility clothing for roadwork is one critical component of effective safety measures.  

Hi-vis gear features retroreflective material that bounces a large percentage of a light beam back to its source. While regular reflective materials scatter light, retroreflective tape concentrates the light beam. When light from a headlight touches a garment with this material, the person behind the headlight sees the other party clearly.   

Brightly colored fabric is another component of high-vis safety wear. The bright colors make the wearer more visible in daylight. Wearing fluorescent colors helps you stand out from your environment, alerting drivers to your presence.   

SafetyShirtz labels our hi-vis products with the ANSI standards they meet so that you know you’re properly protected. The configuration of retroreflective material and bright coloring determines the level of protection your high-visibility clothing provides.   

Improving your visibility helps others see you from farther away, giving drivers more time to react to you, adjust their driving, and proceed more cautiously. Equipment operators and spotters can see you more easily too, which helps protect you from struck-by injuries.    

Our top priority is improving your safety, but we also believe that workwear should look and feel great. We embellish our high-visibility t-shirts for roadwork with unique graphic designs.   

Graphics in our Basecamp line of clothes pay homage to the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Patriotic apparel features images such as Old Glory or the “Join or Die” snake that symbolized unity during the American Revolution. We also carry apparel with camo, topographic, and wildlife graphic images.   

We manufacture our hi-vis safety wear to last in your demanding work environment. We tape our t-shirts from shoulder to shoulder for extra durability at stress points. Double-needle stitching enhances the seams’ flexibility and appearance.  

You deserve comfortable and stylish high-vis gear. Shop with SafetyShirtz today for quality high-visibility clothing for roadwork.