Hi-Vis Construction Clothing

Construction sites are busy and full of workplace hazards. SafetyShirtz creates a variety of stylish construction high-visibility clothing that provides essential protection. Our clothes help fellow construction workers see you more easily and improve workplace safety.

Enhance your visibility in the widest range of lighting conditions. Strategically positioned retroreflective material drastically improves visibility in low-light conditions. When a headlight shines on the tape, the material reflects a concentrated light beam directly to the source. And brightly colored fabrics highlight the wearer in daylight so that they stand out from their environment.   

Our ANSI-rated hi-vis construction shirts meet the American National Standards for safety apparel. But construction high-visibility clothing from SafetyShirtz goes beyond just enhancing safety.   

Feel proud and confident in your work gear. You can wear personalized safety clothes in styles that you like. Our popular designs include patriotic and topographic graphics. We also offer designs inspired by wildlife and the great outdoors, such as hi-vis construction shirts with representations of the forests of the Pacific Northwest.   

Thanks to our quality manufacturing processes, your work shirt will continue to look great over time. We make hi-vis construction hoodies with a 50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester blend that combines the best of both materials.   

Polyester doesn’t shrink or change shape the way cotton does, so the 50/50 blend helps your garment retain its shape through wear and washes. And cotton makes your sweatshirt more breathable than a pure polyester product would be.   

Our hi-vis construction hoodies also feature ribbed cuffs and waistbands that help the garment fit close to your body. The double-lined hoodie provides additional warmth as you work outdoors in cooler conditions.  

Customize your safety clothing with your business logo if you’re ordering for a team. Stylized clothing improves brand awareness and promotes team spirit.